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  1. My family spent a week with James learning to ski. He is a fantastic instructor and teacher able to cater for different levels and ensure that each individual progresses comfortably at their own pace. My wife learnt to ski from scratch and having had a bad experience when she was younger can now confidently parallel ski on piste by the end of the week. My friend and I are competent skiers but felt we could use some tips on being more smooth. We stole James from the main group for just an hour at Flegere to focus on technique and it made all the difference. I highly reccomend him as a coach for all levels and look forward to seeing him again sometime soon when we next travel through the area.

  2. James was recommended to us by our chalet hosts at Maison Jaune and we were lucky enough to have him as our instructor for five mornings during our stay over Christmas week. We were a group of five who had never skied or only skied a couple of times several years ago and we could not have had a better instructor. James’s style of teaching gives as much importance to relaxation and breathing as technique and it was quite remarkable how we all progressed in such a short time under his calm, quiet instruction. He encouraged us to push ourselves beyond what we would otherwise have done and the help he gave me personally with breathing, relaxation and focus at the beginning of a short 1-1 session the day after I was going to give up skiing forever (!) was a revelation. We were all quite stunned during our last session with him when he told us he had just taken us down a red run without us realising it! Thanks for a great week James.

  3. James was recommended by our chalet hosts (Maison Jaune) and would ski with a small group of us for most mornings over the Christmas period. He was absolutely excellent from both a technical perspective, often using little stories to help and not overloading with technical jargon to a more mental relaxation perspective to ensure we were relaxed whilst going down the slopes and able to take on any advice he would give. I managed to progress from a complete beginner i.e. someone who had never skied before to competently going down blues runs by myself. He also worked with some guys in our groups on reds and blacks and they were just as complementary. I cannot recommended James highly enough, exceptional on all levels, he even lent me some gloves and a ski jacket when mine weren’t up too much. Cracking bloke all around.

  4. I had the pleasure of appreciating James from different angles: with my 6 year old son he was a teacher of both skiing and life, helping him in concentration while enjoying the pleasure of sport.
    With me, he would only have to review my stylistic approach, but instead James went beyond helping me to transform my mental horizons, expanding them, thanks to skiing.
    I am sure that in addition to winter activity we will also meet for glacier walks this summer!
    James master of life and sport.

  5. I had the privilege to climb with James in June 2013. His approach of the mountain, his human intelligence and extreme sensibility to nature and those climbing with him make the experience unique. He knows how to share his passion(s), how to make you comfortable and in the same time challenge you if that’s what you are looking for. As a Sport Scientist, I can say that the whole ‘package’ was perfect. Looking forward for the next experience!
    Pour ceux qui ne lisent pas l’anglais, je ne vais pas me répéter mais simplement dire que l’expérience était fabuleuse. Sportivement, humainement, rien que du bon. Un grand sourire pendant les 2 jours en toute confiance et amitié. Il ne faut surtout pas hésiter: allez vivre la montagne avec James!!

  6. We skied throughout the Chamonix Valle with James for 4 days over New Years 2013. He found us untracked powder stashes all day long everyday! We ski backcountry all over the world and this week with James was the best trip we have ever been on. Beautiful places and great snow! I would highly recommend his services to anybody who loves good skiing and is in Chamonix.

    Lance Reinhardt

  7. We were recommended James by our chalet hosts at Maison Jaune. I shared a lesson with my husband who is a much better skier than me & was not sure whether this was a mistake, as we both needed different challenges.

    My husband was a bit reticent at first but by the end of the lesson which was approx 3.5 hours he felt much more confident on his skis & felt he had gained from the experience. For me, I can honestly say it was the best lesson I have ever had. I have struggled to ski parallel really well for years. Having had lots of input from various people over the years, James is the first person to be able to explain how to do it, in a totally logical manner. He started off with small chunks of information & gradully added on more & more. I can now ski parallel easily on blue & red & can manage it most of the time on black slopes. Even if sometimes I resort back to stem turning when conditions are more difficult I now find it much easier to negotiate the steeper slopes & to be able to edge & stay in control.

    Unfortunately for me james was fully booked for the rest of the week & I couldnt book another lesson with him which was a great shame.

    I cannot recommend James highly enough

  8. James is a phenomenal guide and instructor. Prior to taking us down the Vallee Blanche he suggested a days guiding so that he could assess our level and ability. We all thought this was very professional and responsible, we had a fantastic day. James instills trust and confidence.. He has a wonderful temperament and challenges you enough without tipping you over the edge. Skiing down a frozen river canyon in Courmayeur was the most fun we had all had on skis for ages! 8 of us went on the Vallee Blanche trip, a mixed group of borders and skiers, James made sure the itinerary was suitable for all of us. James is clearly passionate about the mountains and he taught us all about how the glacier, why it is blue, how seracs, ice bridges and seracs are formed. He was very knowledgeable. The whole experience was amazing and so much fun.My husband wants to make it 3rd time lucky on his attempt at climbing Mont Blanc next year, without hesitation he wants to go with James and we have a very good feeling that success is on the cards. A la prochaine James. Debbie, Gareth, Colin, Helen, Mags, Roy, Gordon and Julia, England

    ps Thank you for Debbie’s birthday present, she will never forget her 40th in Chamonix

  9. What a Day !! Thank you James for a fantastic experiences. The best powder riding ever !
    James was a great Guide and made us all feel safe from start to finish. But be prepared to smile all day !!

  10. I would recommend James as the guide for you.We 3 snowboarders had a day off piste riding the Vallee Blanche, truly an awesome day.Without doubt I would do this again.Thank you James for making the day so much fun and making our route so exciting.We will defiantly see you again.
    Mark Jordon

  11. Thank you so much James for a fantastic fun filled day snowboarding down the Vallee Blanche.Truly a one of the most breath taking experiences ever.Your guidance and good humour made it all the more fun and I urge anyone considering doing this trip to book you now. You made us all feel safe yet made sure we we’re challenged .A great adventure and one we would book again.
    Mark Jordon

  12. Just a note to say that we had a fantastic time last week due in no small part to your help and excellent service.

  13. Thank you so much for arranging my trip, and helping me out in Argentière. I had a wonderful stay, and did summit Mt. Blanc. James is a wonderful guide, and I felt very safe and comfortable with him.